Monday, March 29, 2010

Years of Experience

Years of experience have taught me that opportunities come from where you least expect them, and they come when you are not expecting them.  Paying it forward and karma are never lateral actions, the good you do does come back, but never in the way you expect.

Take, for example, the massive show prep I put out over the last month.  I was hoping for, expecting, intending, a great show, to sell the wonderful work I’ve been creating.  To touch people and speak to them through my art.

Well, I did get the speak to people part.  But I only sold one piece, and that was to another artist at the event.

I came home disappointed, sad, and yes, a little crushed.  I indulged in a little pajama-moping time, and let myself take a few minutes from the constant go-go-go of creating work and marketing work and breathing work.

And I remembered the many times I’d gotten the rejection letter from Quilt National, and how those same pieces of work had gone on to other shows, winning multiple awards in several cases.  How not getting jobs had worked out to free me to visit family, or to be available for other opportunities which were even better.

I didn’t do the usual beating myself up over prices, because no one even looked at the prices, so that couldn’t have been it.  I told myself I made some great connections with local women artists who I’ve vaguely known over the years, and got to know them a little better.  Connection is always good.  I read the new Mercy Thompson novel.

I took Friday and Saturday, and then I posted the work to my Etsy shop. I kept moving, and I fully expect something better to come along.

Here are some pictures of some of the work I posted:


 ducks on parade flowers for angie night kitchen Starry Night

I will let you know when that something better comes along.  Until then, I leave you with this:


Attack of the Vintage said...

Sorry you were disappointed about the show. I know you worked very hard to get more new items made for it. Look at it this way, you have now listed some great new art for your etsy store. Marketing and more marketing is always the key to success with art.

Yes, new connections lead to new opportunities when you least expect it to.

Andi Stern said...

Yeah, the point of the post is that there are more opportunities even if one doesn't pan out the way you think. It may not be coming across that way. But I have had lots of experience with seeing things turn out differently and so I am excited that I have new work and I know I have a great display. :)

Patty Ashworth said...

I used to do shows, and found just what you did. You can make a ton of stuff and sell nothing or all of it. There is no rhymn or reason to sales.... so you can't let it get to you. You are ready for the next one, or you can change what you have made. I have things in a "coop" shop now. Much easier. Only work 1/2 a day a month and the things are in there all the time. So keep your head up and let your heart soar! You are getting a chance to do what you love! I have been making things since the early 70's... and just stopped worrying about what sells. I find that the things that I had the most fun making, are the things that sell the best.