Monday, November 26, 2012

A Quick One

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Challah Collaboration


I am working in collaboration with our local Hillel and PassionWorks artists, on some Challah covers for show and sale May 5th.  Students worked with PassionWorks artists to create colorful, unique challah covers, and then they were turned over to me to enhance with stitching and to finish up.  Each piece is one of a kind.  They all measure approximately 22” x 22”, so they can cover a lot of challah.

Here is the first one that I’ve finished.

challah fancy first

You can see how pretty the colors are.  Each piece is different, but all are colorful and fun.  I stitched the outlines using Kreinik gold machine embroidery thread.

challah fancy detail

You can see the detail here.  Once this was done, I had to figure out how to finish the edges of the burlap.

challah basting

Here is a picture of  basting stitches I put in as a sewing guide for the stay stitch and decorative cording.

challah zigzag

I zigzagged over the basting stitch to keep the burlap from unravelling.

challah edge

Then I zigzagged some Kreinik #16 braid over the zigzags, to add extra sparkle.  You can see where I also did that on the edge of the painting.

challah fancy

Here’s the finished piece.  I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Now to do this at least 28 more times!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Now for Something Completely Different

I have been working on a few different things, mostly involving painted paper or paint on canvas or sometimes a little of both.  Ironically some of these experiments were to get away from the fiddliness of working with patchwork.  Gluing is still a lot faster than sewing. :) 

Summer Carnival

Summer Carnival, painted paper on canvas.  I use Golden gel medium to attach the paper cutouts to the canvas.

summer carnival detail

Detail.  Here you can see the different mark making tools I use to make the painted paper.  These include Print Gocco (the fish), linoleum prints (the red dots in the upper left area are a frog), and carved stamps (the white star-like forms and the white stars).

Autumn Lotus

Autumn Lotus

This is one of those things where I got a crazy idea to cut a bunch of lotus stencils out of a sheet of painted paper.  I am unsure whether this is in process or it is complete.

Koi spring

Koi Spring

This technique was so cool that I decided to try it on a larger scale.  My fingers weren’t too happy with me, but it was worth the effort.

koi spring detail_picnik

Detail, you can see the dots from the sequin waste I used as a stencil and the detail of the red koi shapes I painted onto the original paper.   This piece is definitely still in process.  Stay tuned for updates.

Into the Void

Into the Void  Acrylic on canvas with graphite drawings added.  I am unsure whether this is complete or whether I want to go back into it with some india ink or liquid acrylic to emphasize the lines.

into the void detail 1

A detail showing the graphite drawing in more detail.  I like the way the paint washes blur the lines of the drawing.

into the void detail 2

The texture in this piece comes from some rice paper that I had initially adhered to the canvas, again using the Golden gel medium.

And today, after a several week hiatus due to mom duties (hockey and school), I was able to get back into the studio and begin a new painting.

In the Between

In the Between, acrylic on canvas, and still very much in process, though it was nice to get back into the studio and just play with paint and color.