Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sock in Progress

I am treating myself to a pair of handmade socks while working on everything else. This is my evening tv project or my in the car project and sometimes my at Donkey project. I started last Sunday. I'm using the toe-up generic pattern from the new Vogue Knitting Ultimate Sock book and Arucania wool/nylon blend. They are very luscious on the feet and leg :) I need to pick up some elastic for the tippy top to make sure they stay up but other than that I am very pleased for just winging it.


Jill Smith said...

Andee, wish l could wear socks as l freeze in the winter and even have to have backless trainers, just about wear soft slippers but then can't bend to put the backs up so they end up as mules can't win, but yours look great but watch the elastic as it causes those bad veins that l can't spell the word lol
Loved your hanging, blew it up bigger and its fantastic, just love those happy colours,

Andi said...

KMart had some really wonderful fleece lined slippers several seasons ago, they are the warmest thing going and slide right on and off. Kind of like clogs, but not as heavy, I imagine. Thank you for the warning on the elastic. Eep!
I loved the hanging more and more as I did each step. I'm glad they are happy with it too. Thanks!