Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beading With World Beads


 beading with world beads

I just received an email from my wonderful editor at Lark Books telling me that Beading With World Beads is now shipping.  I am eagerly waiting for my contributors’ copy.  I submitted something like twenty designs for this book and had eight accepted for publication.  The parameters of the project were to use funky, ethnic, and natural beads in your designs.  I had much fun digging into my huge stash of African trade beads, Chinese turquoise, and Thai silver beads to make the pieces I have in this book.  When my contributors’ copy arrives I will post more details, but for right now I just wanted to get the word out. 


TexasRed said...

Wow - This sounds like a great book. Can you show us samples of some of your designs that went into it?

Andrea Stern said...

Yes, I will show a few later this week :)