Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Her Name Is Lola

As part of my pet portrait commission service, I am working on a piece for my friend T.  I present Lola, in process:


The basic applique on a base of Pellon 40 interfacing.


Lola appliqued to her background, embellishment/quilting stitches in process.  I went with this yellow fabric because Lola stood out from the background and the sunburst print gave a really festive feel to the piece.  I know T loves bright colors and this felt like the right choice.


A detail of the stitching.  I am using sashiko and DMC perle cottons so far.

And what is art if not inspirational, especially for the artist?  Here is Lola in the Sky with Diamonds :


50 cent craft paint, Souffle pens, hand carved stamp and commercial stamp, star paper punch.  This is in a Bee Professional series sketchbook, with heavy paper that takes wet or dry media.  So much fun!


Detail of her face.  She reminds me of a dingo or hyena, some kind of Trickster.

Art about art, sometimes the most fun you can have without leaving home.  Though I surely would like to put Barry Manilow on ‘pause’ (“Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl….”)


Mountain Salt Studio said...

hey! I know that dog (the quilty is looking awesome)

Andrea Stern said...

Thank you! I'm having fun, which was part of the intention :)

Theresa Hall said...

I love love love what you have done with Lola's portrait. She's thrilled too. :) Theresa