Monday, November 29, 2010

Process and Progress

I have been working on the coral piece, and managed to make a little progress before the holiday weekend.

coral piece november 29 one

I had beaded the corals or anemones in the foreground (I am not sure which, I guess I could just say “sea life”) earlier this fall when I was giving some one on one instruction to a friend.  The ones in the back are embellished with Kreinik braid which I couched as well as used in the bobbin. 

coral piece november 29 four

You can see the detail of the gold braid in this picture.

coral piece november 29 three

coral piece november 29 two

And you may have noticed that I decided to put the yellow angel fish lower in the composition.

coral piece november 29 five

I tried making another angel fish for the upper left corner of the image.

coral piece november 29 seven

But he’s a little too pale for the rest of the piece.

coral piece november 29 eight

I used some of my friend Diane Eyerman’s hand-dyed fabric for the blue stripes, and couched the outlines with Kreinik #16 braid.

coral piece november 29 nine

You can see how well the sparkling braid complements the blue stripes.  I guess this little fellow will end up getting his own quilt after I’ve finished this one :)


Robbie said...

Impressive!! Nice piece..and I actually like the blue/white angel fish. He does deserve his own 'piece'!

Megan Noel said...

fabulous! you know how i dote on octopuses. and i love the fabric you've chosen. very inspiring!

Andrea Stern said...

Thank you Robbie! I love the little angel fish too, he just doesn't belong in this piece. I will probably make a smaller piece for him (18" x 24" or so)

Andrea Stern said...

Thank you Mei. I got a lot of wonderful fabrics from my hand-dyer friends, I think the dark fabric of the octopus came from either Melody Johnson or Judy Robertson. The African fabrics are all from St Theresa Textile Trove.