Sunday, May 6, 2007

Free Comic Book Day

Because we were uptown to vend yesterday, I was able to get a copy of this at the Free Comic Book Day event at Universe of Superheroes. I just grabbed it for the cover, not realizing it would be so cool inside as well. It's an excerpt from Lynda Barry's upcoming book "What It Is" and has tons of exercises and cool drawings and collagey words in it. I am just very very grateful I was there in time to get a copy, as they were all gone about an hour later when I went by with Aisha (she got Gumby and I was picking up Spiderman and Mickey Mouse for Ben).

The best part of vending was when Izzy had his first sale at around 2:30. He had worked so hard making stuff and pricing it and had plans for the money he'd get when the items sold. He was getting so discouraged because we were in an odd part of town (there are two streets that sort of converge with a pie-shaped piece of land in the center where Domino's and a law office live; it is the next to last cross street off Court and everyone was just walking past without even looking down our block) and had worked so hard. But he ended up selling 3 pieces by the time the show was over at 4pm. One more than me!

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