Monday, December 28, 2009

Alice and Friends

Like many of us at this time of year, I am in the process of taking stock of the year about to end, and making plans for the year to come.  One of my plans for 2010 include completing a series of images based on Alice in Wonderland as well as other fantastic creatures of myth and imagination, then finding a venue to exhibit the pieces.  The name of the series is “Alice and Friends.”

queen of hearts in process

Queen of Hearts, approximately 14” x 14”, embroidery on handmade felt.

queen of hearts detail

Detail of the stitching.

queen of hearts almost complete

Everything stitched, next up is the glue the spots onto the mushrooms and then border the piece.

Next up:

frog prince in process

The Frog Prince, still in process.

In the process of finding the right color floss in my copious stash, I found some wonderful grays that are begging to be shells in a mermaid piece, and I have plans to make several of my previous quilts into embroideries in this method.  I am very excited about this series, and looking forward to finding venues for it in the new year.  What are you looking forward to in 2010? 


Harriett said...

I love those art work pieces. Very imaginative.

Andrea Stern said...

Thank you. I am having fun creating them :)