Friday, January 8, 2010

Etsy Update

If you had told me ten years ago that I would be running a business with my son, I probably would have laughed, handed him over, and said "Ok, then, *you* can feed him." He was the most demanding of my children, and I often said that if he had been the first one, he would have been the only one. But time passed, I was able to get some sleep again, and he has turned into quite the companion and collaborator.

He works on his sculptures while I sew or paint in the studio, and he has started vending with me when we do shows. Two years ago he raised enough money to buy a bicycle by selling his sculptures, and his current goal is to raise enough money to buy the seeds for the garden he is planning (I sent for the Burpee catalog late last month and it arrived earlier this week).

To help, I made a section at my Etsy for his work. Today's Etsy update Friday is dedicated to him.

May I present World of Art by Izzy:


Crafty Ann said...

I love your sons sculpture. That is just too cute. Good for him.

Sonja said...

The most demanding babies turn out to be the most giving children.

Andrea Stern said...

@Crafty Ann thank you. he has a blast making them.
@Sonja I think in his case it's really true. :)