Wednesday, February 24, 2010

When Life Gives You Art

Make more art.  This piece is based on the paintings I was doing late last year.  Fusible bias tape, reverse applique, hand-dyed sky fabric. 


Blue Skies 15” x 15” 2010


Detail of the quilting and beading.  Since the originals in my journal have the white dot highlights, I chose to highlight with beads on this piece.  It adds a certain charm, don’t you think?

And lest you think I’d forgotten, here’s another view of Alice in process.


Nearly complete with the stitching, I have to do the pinafore and the left sleeve.  It’s a lot of off white.  To help prevent boredom, I stitch while watching streaming Netflix.  Currently my favorites are Doctor Who and Torchwood.


Detail of the stitching on the face and hair.  I need to choose a color for her eyelids and outline her eyes in a light brown.  So close to being finished.  It’s time to gather the yarn for the next background.


Sonja said...

The painting quilt looks great. I love the sky. It looks so real.

On Netflix, check of League of Gentlemen is still on. Very funny. And speaking of British comedy. Check out 'Coupling' as well ;)

I haven´t seen much of you lately. Maybe we could meet for lunch next week? I´ll know better by the end of the week if my tuesd. and thursd. are clear for lunch. I'm heading out to the library meeting in a bit.

Andrea Stern said...

Thank you! I dyed the sky fabric, it came out like that without a lot of help from me ;)

I will check out those shows/movies.

I have a haircut on Tuesday, just not sure of the time. Let me know what is up via Twitter :) Would love to see you.

Crafty Ann said...

Your art ROCKS!!! Love it.