Friday, February 26, 2010

Show Prep

Unchained Melody 6” x 6” applique, machine embroidery and quilting. 
Detail of the  quilting and embroidery.  I used a piece of shibori dyed by Debra and Michael Lunn of Lunn Fabrics for the background, it provided perfect “flowing water” lines to follow with the quilting.
Next month a group of us are presenting for an agency in Parkersburg.  Our coordinator suggested that we bring work that is at a $50 and under price point.  This provided an excellent opportunity to create some works in that price range, which also can serve as studies for larger works. 
The first decision was what size to create the work in.  I needed something that was large enough to play in, but small enough to be portable and easy to hang.  I chose to go with a 6” x 6” format, and each piece will then be sewn onto a painted canvas background that is 10” x 10”.
Subject matter was fairly easy as well.  I am going with a mix of the cute animals I am known for, as well as some experiments with abstraction based on patterns found in nature.
Currently I have five pieces ready for the canvas.  The most recent is the koi at the beginning of this post.  His cheery colors made me smile on this day where the snow is flying outside yet again.
Tiptoe Through the Tulip  6” x 6” machine applique and quilting.
Red Bird III 6” x 6” machine applique and quilting, hand-dyed fabric, beads and sequins.
Day of the Cichlids I  6” x 6”  machine applique and quilting, snow-dyed fabric and commercial batik.
Day of the Cichlids II  6” x 6”  machine applique and quilting, snow-dyed fabric and commercial batik.
These have been fun to do, it’s a good opportunity to try out techniques or color combinations before moving on to a larger piece. I am excited to paint the backgrounds and play with the textures on those as well. 
Each piece will be $75 + $5 shipping, and come ready to hang on a coordinating canvas.  Email me if you’re interested in owning one.

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Attack of the Vintage said...

These are great mini quilts. I esp. like the little Red Bird. I have found myself working on a couple of mini quilts too recently.
Looking forward to going to Parkersburg too.