Monday, March 1, 2010

Alice in Finishland

After about a month and a half of on and off work:
Alice in process
Basic line drawing on felted background.
Everything but the pinafore and sleeve.
Alice complete one
The stitching is finished.  My fingers are sore and I have watched all of season two of Torchwood and the series ending Children of Earth series, eaten dinner from a box and let the housework slide (oh who am I kidding on that one, the housework always gets to slide except when company is coming), but the stitching is finished.
Now I get to go through my stash and look for backing and binding fabrics.  I probably will go with pink, if I have enough yardage in the right color.  And I think there may be mother of pearl button details on the pinafore ruffles.
Just in time for the opening of Alice in Wonderland this week!

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