Monday, March 8, 2010

When Life Gives You Lemons

Make lemonade.  When Life gives you lots and lots of empty cereal boxes, and an empty house, make art:


Layer one on this one was red, then I spray painted squirrels using the leftover wood frames from the wood puzzle sculptures that Izzy received for Hannukah.  The next step was the bamboo shapes carved from Speedball Speedy Cut, octopus stencil based on my octopus bag of late last year, and finally another layer of shapes carved from Speedy Cut.


This one was simple Green Gold and Cobalt Teal, then I painted some big bubble tape with some Folk Art metallic blue and printed over that.

20100308_02 20100308_03

Deep ultramarine blue, then the octopus stencil painted with sequin waste to make the repeated small dots.  The larger dots are more bubble wrap paint transfer.


Red-orange with a layer of bamboo print.  Not sure what is going to come next, maybe Cobalt Teal somethings?

   20100308_04 20100308_04_01                                                                                                            Top: Cobalt Teal, followed by Titanium Buff stenciled through sequin waste, then star stencil made by repeatedly punching construction paper with a star punch.

Bottom: Green Gold mixed with yellow, then stamped with the Speedy Cut shapes.



My favorite so far, bright red stamped with teal bamboo and then stencilled with polka dot octopus. :)  Each cereal box was primed first with a layer of gesso.


Octopus stencil, cut from card stock. 

Of course I could have done all of these if people had been home yesterday, but where my youngest son and my husband were out on a day long ski trip, it was much easier to spread everything out on the living room floor and just play.  I love days like that, where my only responsibility is to myself.  They need to come around more often.


Harriett said...

Beautiful, creative and out of the box. So to speak, cereal box-ha ha ha :) A little art humor.
I'm so loving the colors.

Andrea Stern said...

:D Thank you. I used to ship beads in cereal and hamburger helper boxes, it would confuse the recipient sometimes. I had one customer put the box in her cabinet, thinking it was a sample, then we both had a good laugh when she called to find out where her beads were :)

Geraldine said...

i love the bamboo. when i was learning paste paper we carved a brayer with a dremel and made a nice bamboo shape. it was the class' brayer though, so i didn't get to take it home. i did do a nice flower one and that one i got to keep since i made it.

Anonymous said...

Like the bright red and orange one a lot!