Sunday, August 1, 2010

Summer in the Studio

Some days it’s good to just go upstairs, turn on the A/C and crank the tunes.  Today was one of those days.  On the turntable: The B52’s, Billy Idol and Aerosmith.

On the art table:

flower girl

“Flower Girl” 4” x 4”, reclaimed cereal box, color photocopy of family photo, silk  flower and shell button.  I had painted the canvas last week, today I put the elements together.

While that dried (I attached the pieces using Golden Heavy Gel medium), I took this:

cow in process

Added this:

cow in process two

And this:

cow in process three

The bird is from ArtChix Studios, while the circles are punched out from copies of my beaded moon piece.

I also played with another reclaimed cardboard house

bird house four

The basic house shape waiting for embellishment.

bird house three

The found textile I used to embellish the bottom half of the house.

bird house one

Auditioning another bird (also from ArtChix Studios).

bird house two

The bingo piece I chose to put in the gable.

The house is currently drying in the studio, while the cow awaits the decoration on her dress.  I haven’t yet decided whether to go with more collage images or to paint or stamp shapes using Lumiere paints.  We’ll see what inspiration hits tomorrow.

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