Thursday, January 11, 2007

Current Project

Mixed flavor popsicle in process (it is one of those double popsicles) :

Detail, showing the stick and the join where the popsicles are melded together :

I am making a bunch of beadwork popsicles in sculptural peyote stitch. My Gran always had popsicles in the summer, my favorites were the banana ones, but I also liked the other flavors. Blue was an indescribable flavor, I can't think of anything in nature that tastes like the blue popsicle. This piece in process is a hybrid of lemon-lime and "blue". (When Deva was little, we were at Little Professor one day. She had a lollipop from the bank, and when Rich asked her what flavor she had, she replied "Red". ) And of course I am still madly working on the mystery project for the book, but I can't show that one yet, sorry.

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