Thursday, January 18, 2007

In Process

While picking up some more beads for the book project (which I am sworn to secrecy on, but as soon as I can show/tell, I will, it's awesome ) I found this wonderful fish (and the twisty beads in the green tray, which may or may not end up with this piece now...)

Isn't he adorable? He also came in a red fin version. I love what people are doing with foil and dichroic these days.

And a closeup of the beaded component. It's made in three separate pieces and will be strung together like this. I'm thinking earrings too.... I just may need more of the clear blue beads, le sigh ;)

I still need to post popsicles (blue/green and banana) and will post this when it is more finished. Enjoy!

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