Wednesday, January 24, 2007

New Accessories

I finished the fish piece on Friday. After stringing it onto SoftFlex, I determined that it needed a bit more structure, so found the big coil of necklace wire I have and strung it onto that. Now it looks like the fish is swimming around the wearer's neck, rather than sinking to the bottom of the sea (smile). I still want to get one of the round clasps with rhinestones that I saw at Byzantium last week, but other than that, I bring you the fish necklace (kicky name to follow):

And a detail of him swimming amongst the coral and pearls (my only regret for having to put it on the wire was that I had to switch to mother-of-pearl rounds instead of the awesome freshwater pearl beads I had chosen):

And then, as a reward for working on the book project, I played in the studio and gathered my collection of vitrail and Swarovski and funky beads. This is the first piece from that treasure. It is made using the funky flowers I got at Byzantium last year, the Swarovski cabochons I got at a gemshow eons ago and the Swarovski margaritas I got from Becky at St Theresa Textile Trove Oh, and the 24K Black Violet Japanese seed beads I've been rationing out since 1996:

Detail of the side piece, bead embroidery on Peltex.

Detail of pendant piece.
Now it is back to work again on the book project (I promised to send it by the end of the month). But I have a few more things to bribe myself with. Enjoy!


k baxter packwood said...

Hi Andi

I always admire that people can bead like this! I love the colors.

fiberartisan said...

Hi Andi!

Are you selling those fish beads or are you willing to divulge your source? Both necklaces are absolutely gorgeous!

Lisa Walton said...

This is absolutely gorgeous - thanks for sharing