Monday, February 5, 2007

Izzy and I Collaborate

Izzy and I made a cake together, Pillsbury Valentine Funfetti mix and frosting, yes, I can do scratch, but sometimes box is just what the doctor ordered. I let him go mad with the sprinkles, he added to the Funfetti selection from our collection of colored sugars and shapes. I used coffee kisses I got on clearance to ring the piece. The towel is from a KMart Martha Stewart package of polka dot tea towels.

We are also designing a quilt together, he is in charge of buttons so far (I think I will also have him design the sun for the sky, but he doesn't know that yet). Here's the group of them, post baking:

And a closeup of them with color added, it is going to be quite some farm, with sheep, vegetables and fruit and even a fish pond! My favorites are the chickens and apples, I had him make some extra for me to use on something else (a farm beaded necklace, perhaps? hmmmmmm)

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