Monday, October 27, 2008

Mason Dixon Knitting Strikes Again!

I have been working on the "Liberty" afghan from the new Mason Dixon Knitting book (Mason Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines) in my copious spare time. Since I didn't have the $ to buy the yarn for the whole piece, I started using stash yarn, changing it up as either I got bored, or ran out of one of the colors. Above is a detail of the steek and one side of the long binding (I chose to knit the binding on before cutting the steek as I am a steek virgin).

Here is the whole piece folded over on the sofa so that I could fit it all into one photograph. I like how my tension changed as I worked the piece. I started on the left with primarily Lamb's Pride and Cascade 220, working my way through stash of that, Mountain Colors, and finally new Ella Rae, Cascade 220 Superwash and even a bit of the Berocco Ultra Alpaca the original pattern called for. It's a bit longer than the 69" the pattern in the book called for, but I used what I had on hand (40" size 7 circs, amazingly my tension is so loose now I have to go down a needle size or more when working a pattern). I figure it doesn't matter that much since it is a blanket. It has also been nice to work on these colder fall evenings. I currently have two rows left to go on the other long binding, then it is time to cut the steek.

I love both of the Mason Dixon knitting books, they opened my skill set up so much. I am really happy that I am comfortable to knit with colors in two hands now and have several hats planned now for the Canton show.

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Treasure Ann said...

Love your work. I'm a crocheter. Good to meet you. By the way, your cookies to me look good. I'm planning on baking some Thanksgiving iced sugar cookie favors this year. For guests that come by, I'll pass them out to them.

How long have you been beading? I just recently learned to bead necklaces & bracelets. Your work is very pretty.