Friday, November 14, 2008

Would You Hang This On Your Tree?

I wasn't so much Christmas deprived as Christmas denied as a kid. For a while we attended this really strict sect (some would call it a cult) which did not celebrate Christmas or Easter, and I was not allowed to sing in the Christmas pageant in 3rd grade or make tissue paper reindeer (and don't even ask about the time I convinced my kindergarten teacher that it was ok to draw the face on the construction paper pumpkin; I ended up having a very special talk with one of the ministers after that).

My grandmother and the rest of Mom's side still celebrated Christmas, and we did not isolate ourselves from them, so I did end up having some exposure (ahhh cookies and lights and the little elf ornament with felt hat that I was allowed to take home one time). So maybe not everyone would want a rocket ship or mermaid or fish on their tree. But hey, I'm not the average bear.

I am doing a craft show in Logan OH on the Friday after Thanksgiving, as their "featured artist", and while I am taking some quilts and plush and fancy beadwork, I needed to find something with a lower pricepoint that was also fun to make. While walking uptown this morning, I saw what I thought were rocket ships hanging in the display window of the local funky card/gift shop. Upon closer examination, I saw they were only long ovals that were two tone (silver and red).

"Hey," I thought. "I could make my rocket ship earrings with larger beads and they could be ornaments for the show. Cool!" So today after lunch that is what I did. This is my prototype. It took about two hours and I will probably be selling it for $20. Limited edition :) Over the weekend we are going to Columbus and I am going to see if I can procure some more seasonal colors as well as the little wire hanger things. Nothing earthshattering, but hey at least I am having fun.

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