Sunday, November 30, 2008

Rainy Days and Sunday

We are possibly expecting snow, but for now it is a heavy drizzle and the hillsides are shrouded in a misty fog, playing hob with aerial perspective as I was taught it in Art 101. I want to find my baggy pants and head out to Dow Lake and walk the path, but I don't own any hunter orange. I guess that outing will have to wait until after deer season is over. ;)

Yesterday we vended at the Logan (OH) Community Center, 8am-5pm was the original schedule, but everyone started tearing down at 3pm when the local holiday parade sucked all the shoppers away. I was in a separate room with a very nice gentleman who makes basketry birdhouses, and it was freezing. The thermostat didn't even hit the 68F standard of "fuel conservation" from when I was a kid. But it was well lit and we had a huge table.

I apologize for the blurry quality of the picture, I am not sure why the flash didn't go off and maybe the camera was set to take portfolio photos. You can see my rocket ornaments, some plush and older quilts in this photo. Two people thought the rockets were bats, which is kind of funny. I suppose when I list them on Etsy later this week I will have to call them Rocket Bat Ornaments.
I have already listed some of the pieces on my Etsy and will be listing more later this week.


Treasure Ann said...

Your work is so beautiful!! The picture came out o.k. I thought. What nice items, your jewelry and all is so grand. Your table really looked great.

Sorry about the weather and the potential customers. You never know with the weather we'll get during this season. I hope you do well next time.

Andi said...

Thank you! First year shows are always tricky, especially if the organizers aren't experienced in that kind of show.