Friday, December 12, 2008

Word of the Year

I had a guest blog post over at Christine Kane's blog earlier this week. The premise was to choose a word (or two in my case :) to help focus intent during the course of this year. I chose permission and persistence, both words I have struggled with over my lifetime. Having those two words in the back of my mind helped me keep going when the road looked tough, and at the end of the year I am pleased to say that I saw many many good results as a result of following this process. I won't repost the blog here, but welcome you to go read it at her site, stay a while and be inspired by Christine and her readers .


Treasure Ann said...

I read your interview and was amazed at your story and testimony. I am encouraged. Really nice. Have a Happy Holiday.

Andi said...

It is so easy to discount our own accomplishments. I highly recommend sitting down and making an inventory of what you've done; you will be surprised and encouraged by how far you've come. :) Happy Holidays!

Treasure Ann said...

I believe I will take that advice Andi. I've been a little discouraged about my crafts and work, wondering if people like it or not.