Thursday, March 5, 2009

Portrait Commissions

While finishing up the final piece for the Parkersburg Art Center show, I have also had to clean the studio to search for fabrics and yarns for that piece.  As usual, cleaning and finding things I’d forgotten I had has proven to be a huge inspiration.  I realized that I miss my old smaller embellished pieces, and would like to do some more of them.  So in that spirit, I am launching a new venture, commissioned portraits, based on old family photographs and/or family treasures such as old baby dresses, etc.  Here are a few examples of what I am talking about, to whet your curiosity while I get the official page up at my site.


April 7, 1967, based on a found baby dress from a thrift store, and a photo transfer of me on my third birthday.  This piece was done for the “It’s My Birthday!” show, and was exhibited at Quilter’s Newsletter Magazine.  The work is embellished with crocheted flowers and beads, and the crown is stitched with perle cotton and embellished with shisha mirrors.


“Mom-Mom and Me” photo transfer fabric journal.  Velvet cover embellished with mother of pearl, bead and thread embroidery, using a photo transfer of my paternal grandmother.  Inside pages include more photo transfer, applique and embellishments, all telling stories of activities I remember sharing with my Mom-Mom.

ophelia 72 web

“Ophelia” made with a found baby dress from a thrift store, and embellished with photo transfered images of my daughter.  This piece has a lot of work, the entire background is covered with shisha mirror embroidery, and there is a beaded heart in the center of the bodice.  This piece was featured in the FAVA Artist as Quiltmaker show, and the image was used on the tshirts from that show.

study for dita 72

I can also do pet portraits in this style.  “Study for Dita” was based on the photo of my friend Lisa’s beloved cat, Dita.  This piece was all hand and machine embroidery, embellished with beads and set in a quilted frame.

I am really excited at the opportunity to be able to work in this way again.  I will post the web page as soon as it is up, or you can email me at andiandmarty (at) gmail (dot) com to talk with me about arranging your own personal piece of artwork.


aimee said...

wow! what cool pieces!

Andi said...

Thank you! :)

Anonymous said...

Beautifull!! congratulations, that journal and dress are quite lovely!!

Andi said...

Thank you! :D

karen said...

I love your portraits! What a creative way to keep treasuring favorite clothes and textile reminders of people. Way better than bronzing baby shoes!