Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Blog Break

I have been working on the Winter White piece since my last post.  Doing the math, if it ends up at 15 strips of 100 pieces each, that is 1485 strips I had to cut and. sew back together.  So far I am up to 11 strips, currently piecing strip 12.   At strip 9, I ran out of the original pile of fabrics and had to shop the studio for more.

Fortunately the local furniture place had a box lot sale of their upholstery samples several years ago so I have a lot to choose from:


Here are the strips before cutting further:


And the extra bits and bobs left from cutting the 1” x 4” strips:


A pile of strips waiting to be reassembled:


The large cone of bobbin thread I’ve gone through, and an empty spool of brown polyester I was using for the top stitching is also in this picture.  This has been some heavy duty sewing (though the bobbin cone was not all used for this piece).

The new even larger cone of bobbin thread.  I think this one should last a while.


Strip in progress on the sewing table:


And the pieced piece.  Since it is made of 99% upholstery fabrics, it definitely will match someone’s sofa.  :)


Hoping to post quilting in progress soon! T minus 18 and counting.

Break over, back to sewing.


takinanap said...

great use of upholstery fabric... whew! so glad someone is making art that matches the sofa.

Andi said...

Exactly :D