Saturday, February 7, 2009


Baa Hurrah that is.  I received a wonderful set of size 10.5 knitting needles in the PhatFiber box last week.  Pointy tips and smoothed to a mirror like sheen.  When I checked out the site to see what else Beth had to offer, I found she takes custom orders, for needles up to size 35 and up to 36” long.

Well, I had been intrigued by the video going around of Rachel John and her Extreme Knitting, and so I emailed and asked for a quote. 

I was very pleased to find out that a pair of straights in size 35, 32” long, would only cost $16, and a set of 5 double points would be a little more, so I placed my order.

In the meantime, I made my yarn:

the jumbo yarn

I-cord on one of those hand spool knitters, made so far with about 12 ounces of mill end acrylic. 

And today the box arrived (yeah, I know you can see both sets of needles in the picture above, but still…)

the jumbo box

It was huge.   And it gave me a giggle when Marty walked in the door box first.

And the double points:

the jumbo double points

With the original 10.5 next to them for comparison.

And the straights (full picture later when they are in use)

the jumbo needles

I think I need a bigger yarn.


Treasure Ann said...

OMG that video is really interesting. I am intrigued of what this lady has done. I like it. :) I'm happy for you with the needles, it's exciting to get packages like that in the mail.

Andi said...

I knew they were big, but didn't think the box would be that big :) I've already knitted through the initial pound of yarn, madly making more icord.

Treasure Ann said...

That sounds like so much fun. Have a great day.