Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sequinized Swimming

I am working on Marilyn, with a goal of entering the piece into the Ohio Designer Craftsmen Best of 2008 show.

Here is a picture of quilting in progress.

And a view from the back, seen a lot while tying off knots. Good advice from Susan Shie, use fun fabric on the back, too, since you'll be seeing it a lot while you're tying knots, etc. I got the floral print from Honey Fork Fabrics, it was one of their bargain bolts. And the purple is from my MIL, Sandy.

And now, dessert. Sequinizing with the lovely new sequins from C Cartwright (they are the iris finish, I just love me some iridescent goodness).

And a wider view of the piece, I love my little ceramic dish and collect different kinds that are great for this kind of work. Once I get the top third sequinized, I will make the sleeve and sew it on, as I always leave that for last and never really like doing it. I figure getting to put on the rest of the sequins will be a good bribe (that, and having the piece done when it's done! Wow! :)

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