Monday, December 18, 2006

Hillel show, a selection

Most of these have not been posted to my website due to their large size or newness. From the top:
Darwin's Creek, Survival of the Fishes, 1999 40" x 28" Photo transfer of my childhood toy, beads, applique, patchwork. Upholstery fabrics, velour. Darwin contemplates the meaning of life standing at the river of Time.

In Gran's Garden, begun 1999, declared finished 2006 40" x 72" Patchwork, found object, stuffed leaves, rubber lizards, beads, hand stitching, stone cabochons, paint. Inspired by misty summer mornings standing on my Gran's patio and looking out over her yard.

Night Watch (top, 2004 12" x 12") and Darling Klimintine (2000, 18" x 8") Studies in applique,machine embroidery and embellishment. I see Night Watch as the ever wakeful mother watching and protecting her young, while Darling Klimintine is a reminder of the fanciful idealistic young person inside.

In the House of Joy (1998), Monkeyshrines (2000), Ophelia (2004), Stanley Home (2003) and Study for Dita (2005). Found objects, patchwork, embellishment. A selection of works that spans several years.

Desert Moon III, 2006 24" x 18" Patchwork, applique, beads, buttons, sequins. A continuing dialogue on cactii forms and texture, other pieces have been explored in hand embroidery and beadwork.

I will post more when we get more web-ready. For now this is only a part of the show. Enjoy!

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