Thursday, December 21, 2006

Oh My Darlin'

Oh my darling Monkeyshrines. This is what happens when I play what if? What if I don't have access to shisha mirrors, will pennies work as well? What if I spray paint on the dress to make it look older? What if I make a transfer of my old monkey doll and bead everything but the face? What if I use Christmas ornaments as embellishments? (hint, they're on the top). This piece has travelled well and won several awards and is even in a book (Uncommon Threads: Ohio's Art Quilt Revolution by Gayle A. Pritchard) but has never been on my site before. Enjoy!

Ophelia is another in my altered dress suite. Another found dress from a yard sale (I think the same one I got Monkeyshrines and April 7, 1967's dress in, they all came piled in an old hat box). I painted it with Sennelier sun paint, and then screened an old encyclopedia page with the subject "Death" on it on top of that. The flowers are liquid sculpey transfers of my daughter when she was young (she was the best model), and the leaves at the base of the bodice are acrylic painted 300 pound water color paper cutouts. The heart is my beginning into small bead embroidery jewelry, as it was made separately and then appliqued onto the piece. The most time consuming was all the shisha embroidery. I used ArtFabrik's wonderful colored perle cottons to apply every single one. It was well worth the effort, as all the reflecting light does indeed resemble the sun shining on the water. This piece has also travelled and was featured on the tshirt for the FAVA Artist as Quiltmaker show in 2004.

This piece was done for a show with a birthday theme. This is the first birthday I can remember. I got a little white wicker purse that had a gold clasp with a pink rose ribbon on it. And sunglasses. Oh, I love me my sunglasses. I am standing at the foot of the table standing proudly on a chair and holding my purse up for all to see. There is a photo transfer of me in the crown, proudly holding my trophy. I also made all the crochet flowers that embellished the dress.

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