Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Since I can't show you what I am working on right now

I will show you what I was working on earlier this year. This piece is a bead embroidery with detail work that comes off the surface. It's about 8 inches square and incorporates straight bead embroidery, three dimensional peyote stitch and peyote stitch ruffles off the beaded surface. I still need to incorporate another wave in the water to the left and then decide whether to frame as is or whether it is part of a bigger, multi-media piece (as in I may do another component using machine and hand embroidery and attach the two to create a bigger piece). I love when all the techniques and media I have learned to work in come in handy when working on a piece. I had taken a class with Joyce Scott in 1997, but didn't really grab the whole improvisational concept until after learning to knit in 2000, when the concept of shaping and increasing/decreasing really sunk in. Playing is fun, especially when the results are so pretty.

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