Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Donkey Show Preview

So I finally came up with a plan for my upcoming show at Donkey Coffee. The theme is "Jardin Fantastique" and will comprise of art made about the denizens of my garden. These two are still in process, though "Koi to the World" does have a title, little honeybee does not (I like to call her Queen Bee).

Honeybee, stash fabrics, approximately 18" x 18". Sequins in the wings and iridescent fabric for the crown. Silk flower and button complete her look.

And Koi to the World, more stash fabrics. Holographic quilting threads for the water and around the body of my little fish. This piece is approximately 18" x 22". I also used holographic sequins for some of the scales and added a few shisha mirrors for pizazz.

Detail of the scales and fins with machine drawing. Both are made on a patchwork base, the main image is reverse applique my way (involves the use of Pellon and making a big drawing).

Just two of the fantasmagoric pieces that will be hanging at Donkey Coffee May 26-July 1 2007. Y'all come on down! (or up, or over....)

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