Monday, April 16, 2007

More Mosaic Meanderings

This one just tickles me. I incised a line in the mastic with a toothpick to give a guide to create the spiral. Seed and cheesy plastic beads fill the areas. The fish is from my second favorite Yankee Trader (first favorite being Archie McPhee).

And Bambi Steps Out. In the vein of be careful what you focus on, a few years ago I was creating felt ATC in a winter theme. I really really wanted to put some deer into them and was focused on finding a deer. Well, instead of the nice plastic cake decorating deer I wanted, what we got was a deer in the hood of our car. Eventually I did find my plastic deer, seen here:

And you'd better believe I am a lot more specific when making requests of The Universe since that happened.


Lisa said...

LOL @ wishing for a deer and getting a DEER! Great job on the cookies. Generosity with sprinkles is a thing to be admired. :)

Andi said...

Yeah, I saw the plastic deer in my head but wasn't specific on the words. :) Izzy has a blast with the sugar and they seem to be well received (we were sold out of Friday's batch by Sunday morning). I'm glad everyone is having fun with them.