Monday, April 23, 2007

Show Prep

For some reason I just never thought about displaying the finished beadwork this way, despite having three pieces on painted canvas and one piece professionally framed. But something clicked (I think it is called I am hanging a show in one week) and yesterday I spent painting canvases and sewing beadworks to them.

Desert Moon III, beadwork and machine embroidery on cotton. Canvas is painted with Jo Sonya acrylic gouache and then a coat of Lumiere Holo Violet paint.

Desert Moon II, Starry Night Redux, and Mother and Child.

Red and White #1, snazzy Target turtle bag (blinged up by me) in foreground)

Fossils, and Water's Edge. Fossils is more machine work with puff paint and some bead enhancement, but I was on a roll. :)

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