Thursday, January 29, 2009

Check Out This Site!

There is a profile of me and my work today at Layers Upon Layers . We have been hit by the big snow/ice storm that travelled through the midwest, and I have not had electricity at home since 5:30pm yesterday. Days like this I am glad I am a mixed media artist, because I can knit even without power! (My poor Pfaff, I had just started sewing something new on Tuesday, too). I hope to post again soon with pictures of the fairyland the area has become. It is really beautiful, but you don't realize how many trees there are until they become dangerous.


Treasure Ann said...

I love your interview Andi. I just came back from reading it and I'm inspired greatly. Your work is so percise, original, authentic, and very creative. I see the driven thought and the free flow thought you put into your work. You go girl, I'm loving the success of what you have done and accomplished. My arts and craft skills have improved because of your motivated art work. I must and have to say, "thank you for being such an artist of all time inspiration."

Andi said...

(blush) thank you :)

MB Shaw said...

Hey Andi, love your work and congrats on a terrific interview. I also read your story about learning to crochet - so sweet hearing about your 20 ft. chain. I know how to knit but am just learning to crochet, so I get a thrill from a chain too :-)
I think we "knew" each other from a Yahoo group awhile back? Not sure, but I'm glad I ran across you again.

Andi said...

Hi, I thought I recognized you, you're on Facebook too? (you keep popping up in the "your friends are friends with this person" app). Thank you! I love making crochet, it is a lot easier to make a sculptural form with it than knitting (at least for me).