Monday, January 26, 2009

PhatFiber Phun

I was lucky enough to score one of the new sampler boxes from PhatFiber, a box packed with samples from indie crafters of all stripes, with a yarn/spinning theme. I chose the “Wintry Mix” box, and was so thrilled when it arrived today.


Inside I found:


Carded merino from Sweet Pea Fibers in a lovely blue/lavender/pale seafoam colorway

Sparkly merino, silk, firestar “Ice and Snow” from Artemisia Ink (this one looks like angel cotton candy, so yummy)

Soft soft softsoftsoft angora fiber from Tracy Rios

Deep blue “Chilled Forest” roving from A Sleeping Spindle

A mixed sampling of rich blue roving, and earthy green and brown handspun yarns from Moonlight and Laughter

Very tasty (too tasty for my own good) “Slap Yore Grandma” spicy pralines from Buttermilk and Honey


Decadently rich perfumes from Happy Housewife (a cupcake of each vanilla-musk “Knit” and tea and chocolate “Purl”)

Fun postcards from Knotes for Knitters

Moisturizing luxury lip balm from The Lote Tree

Smoothly polished pointy handmade wooden needles from Baa Hurrah

Braided cable sock pattern from Avalon Fiber Arts, and a wonderful bunny pattern from Heather Sebastian.

A needle gauge tool from 7 Yaks Design (which is really timely as I am entering my needles into my notebook at Ravelry and eyeballing the needles just isn’t working

phat fiber box one

A funky knitted object from Pretty Knitty Lady (I am not sure what it is, but it is really pretty and funky)

And that’s not all! There was also yarn from several vendors, including some nice blue from Sneaky Pig Yarns, a pastel pink, green and blue mix (the colors of a winter sunset) from From Ewe to You, soft camel from Hedgehog Fibres and “Pond Ice” a mix of merino, novelty and angelina from Island Sweet Fibre Arts.


Even more! “Cozy Winter Quilt” merino wool in the blues of lake Huron in winter from WhirlyGig Yarns, some handpainted laceweight from Stash Up Yarns in the color of bare trees, and a skein of hot pink and magenta merino blend? from Actual Size Creations.

The rest of the box was filled out with different discount coupons from various online vendors (Yarn Seriously, p2tog, Designs by Tami, Andey Originals, and Moonwood Farm , and a cool button from Wooden Treasures

phat fiber box two

All that, delivered directly to my door, for only $33 (including shipping!). There is also a “Stitches Only” box which is similar, but does not include the rovings and batts. February’s theme is “Romance and Chocolate”, I can only imagine what fun goodies will be in that box.


Treasure Ann said...

Cool stuff Andi. I know your going to have a good time being creative with this box of treasures.

Andi said...

I was very excited to get it in the mail. Fun is good :D

Anonymous said...

can't wait to see all of that in wonderful creations and creatures.
I enjoy your blog so much thanks for sharing ,I included you in my list of favorites..bye marci

Andi said...

Thank you! :)