Thursday, January 15, 2009

Keeping Warm With Stash

As with most of the country, we here in Ohio are in the deep freeze. As I dressed today, debating, "one set of long johns or two" , I realized that if I went with "two" I'd have nothing left for tomorrow but to stuff weasels down my pants (because tomorrow it is barely going to break double digit temperatures).

Then I thought, "Hey, I'm a knitter/crocheter/fiber artist. I could make myself something"

Well, I'm fast, but not that fast.

So, here's the quick and easy way to keep warm when the cold snap sneaks up on you.

Stuff your stash in your pants (and shirt, etc). Of course you'll need pants/shirts with a bit of leeway in them for this to work the best, and you may want to employ hairbands at the wrists/ankles to help keep stuff from sliding out, but hey, I think it would work. (You could also go the way John Cusack uses in the movie Money for Nothing, and try stuffing the stash into a set of oversize pantyhose).

Check back tomorrow to see how it went.


Treasure Ann said...

Ha ha ha, what a wondeful idea. :) We don't get too much cold here in the south, although it is cold enough. I'll sure keep that in mind, if we ever reach 1 digit temperature of cold. :)

Have a great day. Drink plenty of Hot Cocoa and stay warm. :)

Andi said...

So far two sets of long johns have worked, no weasel necessary. :)

Lisa said...

LOL We're having a heatwave in Virginia. It's actually in the 30s.

Andi said...

It's a roasty toasty 18 here at the moment, but did get up to 33 yesterday. I did realize that planning the stash stuffing was necessary; one wouldn't want to accidentally felt all one's wool. :)