Friday, January 9, 2009

Delivering Art, Or Why I Should Always Have My Camera

No images this time, because, yes, I did not have the camera with me. We were in Columbus today, dropping off art at the Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission for their "Art in the Halls". The Commission is in the middle of the area's Brewery District, full of wonderful renovated old architecture, a miniature Eiffel Tower (I was so busy looking at it that we passed the MORPC without seeing it), and at the end of the street, the most wonderful weathered water tower. It may have been checked, even, it was hard to tell with the snow flying everywhere. Which also made it a really cool picture (I have been channelling grays lately). But, alas, no camera.

If I need to go back next month to pick up art, you can be sure I'll have the camera.


Treasure Ann said...

Don't feel bad, I've done this quite a few times of forgetting my camera. Well you took a picture of it mentally, those moments are always precious.

Andi said...

Hopefully by blogging it I will remember it. Of course if it just sat on the camera, I'd be downloading pictures one day and be like "What's that?" ;)