Monday, March 19, 2007

Fiona, Freddy, and Olivia

In between cleaning and organizing the studio (a major week long undertaking so far), I managed to finish a few things that had already been in process. Fiona and Freddy had bodies, eyes and mouths, they only needed fins and a tail to feel complete. They are made of the usual mix of commercial print and commercial hand dyed cottons, Freddy's head is made of silk dupioni. Their features are crocheted, and their fins and tail are made of stretchy swimsuit material.

Fiona, looking happy to be here.

Freddy, swimming with purpose.

And Olivia got her wings and beak yesterday. The wings are appliqued and quilted before being attached to her body. The beak is felt that I sewed with a fancy stitch on my sewing machine (double thickness of felt) and then blanket stitched.

All three will be on my Etsy shop later this week, along with some butterflies (they still need legs).

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