Thursday, March 8, 2007

Making Softies

I have been madly making animals this week.

Belle, cotton and synthetic fabrics, crochet features and legs, silk flower and button decor. Belle brings a bit of sunshine to a cold winter day (we are still talking windchills here and got an inch of snow yesterday morning). She is the follow up to Flo.

Flo, the alligator who dreamt of being a flying nurse. Flo is also made of cotton and synthetic fabrics, with crochet features and nurse cap. She is embellished with rhinestones on her scales. Flo is off to the Medex show in Asheville, NC.

And a little older, Ally is from an animal making rush in December. Being that she is not used to Ohio's colder climate, she asked for a scarf and I kindly obliged. Cottons, African batiks and crochet make Ally a real charmer.

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