Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Owl in Process

Well, I can't call him Woodsy, even though that song keeps going through my head (the old PSA, "help Woodsy spread the word, never be a dirty bird, in the city and in the woods, trees keep America looking good") Whatever did happen to ol' Woodsy anyway? Is he hanging out with Smokey and McGruff and Timer? (I know Smokey's still working, McGruff too, occasionally. I say it's time to bring Woodsy out of retirement).

Anyway. I am making an owl, and this is what she looks like so far:

Full body shot, hand-dyed twill (by me), shibori dyed cotton by Lunn Fabrics, commercial cotton prairie points, crocheted features and scrapbook ribbon trim.

Detail of the prairie points. Took more than I thought, but was worth the effort.

Detail of the eye, bullion crochet in Koigu Painter's Palette, commercial button.

Next up, wings for her and the butterflies.


Anonymous said...

She is great.

Andi said...

Thank you! :)