Sunday, March 11, 2007

Slow Food

I am reading Chapter by Chapter by Heather Sellers (author of the equally terrific Page after Page) and she has a chapter about letting the work take the time it needs to be the work it needs to be. She compares it to the slow food movement. It is hard, sometimes, especially right now with all that is pending and all that wants to be done, and of course money that wants to be made so the family can be fed, to remember that and to still allow the work to take the time it needs to take. I am not disappointed by making the butterflies with simpler features, for example, but am not willing to compromise their beauty by giving them wings that are less than spectacular. It is good to have these reminders, though, like someone holding our hand as we walk into (what we may perceive) the scary dark woods, but which will turn out to be the most marvelous adventure. We just have to be willing to let it happen at its own pace.

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