Sunday, March 11, 2007

I Love Burt Bacharach

It must be the colors of what I'm working on, and the weather, but I have "I'm Never Gonna Fall in Love Again" running through my head. Mom got these Reader's Digest music books, one was lime green with purple flowers, and I think the other was orange. I learned a lot of lyrics reading through those books. Imagine if they made them for some of the music out there now. Of course, being the little kid I was at the time, there probably were entendres that just went over my head.

Anyway, I am making a batch of smaller butterflies to upload to my Etsy shop later this week. Here they are in process:

Stash fabrics, commercial hand-dyes, each body is about 14" long.

Side view of one, lots of fun color and visual texture.

Later, after I spend some more time in the studio, I will post features (eyes and mouths, maybe wings)

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