Monday, March 5, 2007

Inspired by Moderngypsy

Eliza over at moderngypsy has been posting about her cleaning and organizing efforts in her studio. As I have tons of upcoming projects and two concurrent shows this summer, I decided to follow her lead and make a little room so that the new creativity can burst forth.

This is the top of a set of printer's drawers I got from Ann over at 100 Proof Press, before:

See the overloaded pencil cup that is spilling all over the top and covering everything else. The packed plastic locking bins, and the jumble of things in the plastic drawers. There is nothing in the cigar boxes on top, they are awaiting new incarnations as shrines, shadow boxes, even storage .

And after:
I added an extra plastic bin to hold the chenille peeps and model trees I'd gotten for assemblage. I cleared out the pen vase by having Izzy go through the pens and throw out what didn't work. I also organized the drawers by theme, so that the most used stuff is toward the top. What you don't see is that I also started cleaning in the drawers, but as I actually want to make stuff too, I'll save that for another day.


Lisa said...

Looks great. I've been reorganizing too. It feels so good.

Andi said...

It is nice to see the floor again :) and I always find something I forgot I had, which is a nice surprise.

violette said...

oh i am so very impressed by your organizational skills! I'm envious! Btw your little creatures you have been making for etsy are just adorable!